Product safety plays an increasingly important role for people and the environment. We work according to all statutory EU directives with regard to prohibited pollutants and regularly carry out independent tests by accepted test institutes.

Our company location has a photovoltaic system that feeds the self-produced electricity into the company's internal system, so that the building can partly self-sustain itself. A significant CO2 content can thus be saved.

In addition, we have invested in intelligent, energy-saving bearing lighting and heating, which only generates light and heat where it is needed.

The use of reusable DTB boxes is an environmentally friendly and economical multi-way solution. In practice, this means that the boxes are shipped to suppliers / customers so that they can be returned with finished goods or in exchange. Disposable pallets and cardboard can be dispensed with, which considerably reduces waste disposal. The DTB boxes have a long shelf life and are thus ready for use over many years.

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